Geoff's Jorum - The Beer Page

Some brewing going on

I've re-started brewing in a small way, firstly with homebrew kits, and now I'm brewing using a a Brewie beer machine. More information will appear in due course.

Update 17/07/2021 Well the taplist below proved to be tricky to maintain, so I started an account on Cellar.Beer (opens in a new page - sort by brewery to find my homebrews, listed under the "BassoonBrew" brewery)

Update 08/08/2020 I've experimented with a live list of which beers I have for drinking, but have had to make do with static list for now.

Update 28/08/2019 The Brewie duly arrived, and I've been all-grain brewing for a little over 2 years now. More details to follow!

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